Our Best Blow Dryer Tips

Blow-drying when done carefully, and with the right techniques will improve your locks without damaging them. Find out how with tips from our hair salon.

After cleansing your hair, be sure to dry your hair carefully. It is best to blot your hair with a towel after getting out of the shower. Your hair is very fragile when wet and too much friction could cause hair strands to break or fall out. Our stylists at Double Image hair salon in Mt Juliet suggest letting your hair air dry as often as possible as this can be very beneficial to the health of your hair.

If you do blow dry your hair it is important to know the proper techniques to leave your hair looking shiny and sleek. When blow drying your hair, it is best to use heat protectant products. This gives your hair optimum protection, adds body to fine, limp hair and helps to control frizz. You should avoid using the blow dryer at full speed or too hot. This will dry out hair strands and cause your hair to lose that silky finish. It is best to alternate with hot and cold air settings. Heat from the blow dryer opens up the cuticle, finishing with a blast of cold air will help seal the cuticle.

Most people worry about overheating an individual section, and tend to shake the blow dryer back and forth. Instead, when blow drying your hair, it is best to hold the nozzle at least six inches away, and point the airstream downward. This technique will give your hair a smoother style and keep your hair from tangling.