Bridal Hair Tips

Want the wedding day hairstyle of your dreams? Learn when you should plan your trial run as well as how to ensure you have beautiful hair on your wedding day.

The specialists at our Mt Juliet hair salon know that your wedding is a special day that you will remember forever. Choosing a beautiful wedding dress is important, but looking beautiful on your special day is even more important. Getting the perfect hairstyle to go with your wedding gown is a must. At Double Image Salon, we recognize that your wedding is one of the most special events in your life. Our salon stylists will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you look your best on your big day!

• Schedule a consultation with a stylist at our Mt Juliet hair salon. Bring along the headpiece and a picture of the dress if possible. This will help your stylist create the perfect hairstyle for you.

• It is important to know the climate and seasonal weather where your wedding will be held. Long flowing hairstyles do not hold up as well in high humidity at outdoor weddings.

• Consider the time of day and type of wedding when choosing a style. Loose styles are appropriate for informal or daytime weddings, while updo’s are more of a formal, evening look.

• Take care of your hair! Pay special attention to hair care in the weeks before your trial and wedding, so that your hair is shiny and healthy. Your hair stylist can assist you if you’re unsure of the best products for your hair type. Our experts will be happy to recommend shampoos, conditioners and other styling products that will help hydrate and moisturize your hair to keep it shiny and healthy.

• If you color your hair then you should have it touched up 2 weeks before your wedding to make sure that your roots are concealed. Our expert colorists can help you choose a hair color that will compliment your dress and facial tones. A haircut or trim should be planned at least 2 weeks before your wedding day as well. Having your hair appointment this far in advance will allow your hair to adjust to the new color or new cut before your wedding.

• You hair is better when it’s settled down so try and wash it at least 24 hours before the time of the wedding. It is best to avoid using a lot of conditioner. This could weigh your hair down and make it slippery to work with.

• Remember to wear a zip-up or button-up shirt when getting your hair styled before the wedding. Hooded shirts, or turtlenecks can ruin your bridal hair, so please avoid wearing these.

Double Image Salon understands all the hard work and planning that goes into making your wedding day unforgettable. The artistic team at our Mt Juliet hair salon also knows the way you look and feel on that day is directly related to your beauty experiences prior to the big event. Here is an excellent plan to ensure your hair is aisle-ready and fabulous.

12 Weeks Before The Wedding
Make an appointment for a bridal consultation. Visiting a professional hair stylist will keep your hair in top shape and give it the best chance of looking healthy and beautiful on your wedding day.

3 Weeks Before The Wedding
Have your last haircut 3 weeks before the big day so that your hair will settle.

2 Weeks Before The Wedding
Color your hair at least two weeks before the event so that your hair color will look fresh.

1 Week Before The Wedding
Schedule a deep conditioning treatment.

1 Day Before The Wedding
Wash your hair with a mild and cleansing shampoo.

The Day Of The Wedding
Relax! All of your hard work and beauty treatments should have left you with gorgeous hair. Let our talented hair experts create a beautiful style that will capture your personality and style.

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